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UX without UI

I gave a presentation at the local UX Meetup about creating user experiences in action videogames.

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I’ve been consulting (as dxSaigon) for a project called Gamelab. It’s a medical research themed game jam where we’ve paired Vietnamese research scientists from OUCRU (Oxford University Clinical Research Unity) with Vietnamese game developers into seven teams which are competing, … Continue reading

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The Professional Designer

A Human Endeavor Design is about providing solutions to problems. When I talk to engineers they say: “that sounds just like engineering” and when I talk to marketers they say “that sounds just like marketing”. There is indeed a lot … Continue reading

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Note to Self…

Stop trying to invent yourself as a creative genius and start thinking of yourself as a competent craftsman!   In my own journey as a game designer I frequently find myself not exploring an idea because it isn’t cleaver enough or original … Continue reading

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Threats to Ouya — You Win!

There is a new Android based game console on the horizon called Ouya. There are plenty of people excited about it and plenty of people saying that it will fail. I had some thoughts while commuting on my scooter (seems that’s where most of … Continue reading

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Four Key Traits for Designers

These are the traits that I look for when hiring designers. These are also the first things that I teach when training new designers. Know What is Essential Designers need to understand the soul of their product plus its constraints … Continue reading

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The Basics of Scrum

I’ve personally been interested in various production methodologies since about 2005. The two that have been the most interesting to me are The Cerny Method and Scrum. Gameloft recently gave me an opportunity to participate in a Scrum Master certification … Continue reading

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Gameloft Vietnam’s First Game Jam A Success