Hello! I’m Thomas Grové; a designer
with diverse creative industry expertise.

I’ve started a design consultancy named dxSaigon;
we’re available for creative and strategic consultation and collaboration.



My professional goal is: improving the world through better design. If you represent a product, brand, or organization that needs fresh ideas and human centric improvements, then we should talk.

I love making things and making things happen! I’m well versed in product development and especially enjoy strategy, creative direction, and prototyping. I’m habitually on the lookout for win-win situations and like getting the right people together to make business happen.

To keep my design skills sharp, I explore my creativity and fitness through my hobbies of photography, film making, music composition, graphic design, fashion design, zen meditation, martial arts, dancing, and adventure sports like rock climbing.

I also produce an event series under the moniker dxSaigon (or Design Exchange Saigon) where creative professionals and students from different creative fields can come together to share, inspire, and network. There have been five DX events thus far with themes including “Design in Vietnam”, “Creating Spaces”, “Design is Delicious”, “The Business of Creativity”, and “Design is Responsible”.


Work Experience

I’ve been in the trenches on teams of two and teams of 60. I’ve led small teams of six and been the head of a 90 person design department spanning four studios. For me design is all about providing solutions, regardless of scale or industry.


Séfu Fashion / Founder, Creative Director
/ Founder, Creative Director
Studio Interrupt
 / Founder, Creative Director
Core Talent Games / Co-Founder, Strategist, Talent Scout


Sirlin Games / Product Development, Business Development (USA)
Mighty Play / Game Design, UX (USA)
Mastiff /Game Design (USA)
Bay Area Video Coalition / Unity Training, Game Design Training (USA)
Q8IS Mobile / Game Design and UX Audit (Canada)
Disco Pixel / Game Design and UX Audit (USA)
Flying Wisdom Studios / Unity Training (USA)
Vertical Academy / Climbing Wall Design (Vietnam)
Gloops / Unity Training (Japan, Vietnam)
Francia Beauty / Conference Booth Design, App Design, UX (France, Vietnam)
Japan Circle / Branding, Landing Page Design, App UX (Japan, Vietnam)
Capsulated Software / Game Design (Japan)
Beam Games / Game Design, UX (Israel, Vietnam)


Gameloft / Vietnam Creative Director
Unity Technologies / Worldwide Marketing Communications and Events Manager
Sega Studios / Senior Systems Designer
Stormfront Studios / Lead Combat Designer
Backbone Entertainment / Associate Producer, New IP Pitch Development Designer
Mythryn / UX and Interaction Designer


Game Development

I’ve shipped titles on every major platform including: Mobile (iOS, Android, PSP), Web (Flash, Unity), Console (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, Xbox, Gamecube), PC (Windows, Mac OS, Interactive CD-ROM), and even an award winning physical card game.

Check out my Game Design Portfolio for a complete list of titles.


Brands and Intellectual Property

I’ve worked with major brands such as Unity, Capcom, Sega, Sirlin Games, and Hasbro to develop and market their products.

I treat intellectual property with respect and do my utmost to maintain the spirit of its universe and the wishes of the rights holder. I’ve worked with iconic IP including: Street Fighter, Iron Man, Shrek, and The Spiderwick Chronicles. I’ve also helped establish original intellectual properties including: Catch That Dragon! and Fantasy Strike.


More Information

A Printable PDF of this Resume: thomas-grove-resume-2014

LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/interrupt
Traditional Resume: www.lion-gv.com/about/resume

Blog: www.lion-gv.com
Game Design Portfolio: www.lion-gv.com/game-design

Mobile Phone: +84-9-8312-8513 (Vietnam)
Email: thomas@dxsaigon.com
Skype: lionlotek

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