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On Place and Belonging

For most of my life I was very opinionated about place. For a while I was like “I have to live in SF, I could never live in LA.” Later I was like “I have to live in Saigon, I … Continue reading

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Eulogy for Lovers

Even players fall in love, opening themselves up to the opportunity to have their hearts broken. When you play with fire you expect to get burned but that’s part of the excitement too. I knew what we had wouldn’t last … Continue reading

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On Feeling Bad

It is hard to keep balance in life while trying to meet all expectations; Disappointment and sadness are inevitable when we overextend and probable even when we don’t. I wish I were better at life and responsible for less suffering; … Continue reading

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The Professional Designer

A Human Endeavor Design is about providing solutions to problems. When I talk to engineers they say: “that sounds just like engineering” and when I talk to marketers they say “that sounds just like marketing”. There is indeed a lot … Continue reading

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Note to Self…

Stop trying to invent yourself as a creative genius and start thinking of yourself as a competent craftsman!   In my own journey as a game designer I frequently find myself not exploring an idea because it isn’t cleaver enough or original … Continue reading

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Infinite Gratitude to Death

Infinite gratitude to lovers; who have shared their body and soul with me. Infinite gratitude to mentors; who have shared their wisdom and skill with me. Infinite gratitude to friends; who have shared their good times and bad times with me. And … Continue reading

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Threats to Ouya — You Win!

There is a new Android based game console on the horizon called Ouya. There are plenty of people excited about it and plenty of people saying that it will fail. I had some thoughts while commuting on my scooter (seems that’s where most of … Continue reading

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New Days

I’m having one of those mornings where you didn’t get to sleep you punished your body and you have some regrets but the cool morning light washes it all away and you’re so damn happy to be alive namaste

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Like a Boss: Four Talents for Middle Managers

Last week a would be Studio Lead Game Designer asked me to summarize the traits of a good middle manager. I came up with four: Leadership Leadership and management are not the same thing. Leadership requires that your team listens to … Continue reading

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What’s The Point of Zen?

A lot of people have misconceptions about the point of Buddhism or Zen — including things like achieving happiness, good health, outstanding moral character, relaxation, serenity, or the ability to shoot laser beams from your eyes. These things may be side … Continue reading

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