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Writing Style Peeve: “(no pun intended)”

Dear writers who call attention to their intentional or unintentional puns; please stop. When you end a statement with “(no pun intended)” you are either being lazy or dishonest. If your pun was truly unintentional, instead of saying “(no pun intended)”, please … Continue reading

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Strolling by Public Art

Yuki and I went for a walk around San Francisco last weekend and came upon a bunch of public art, most of which was done by Shepard Fairey, famous for the André the Giant “Obey” art. I really like the … Continue reading

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Buy Local

Bay Area heirloom tomatoes purchased at the ferry building farmers market in San Francisco this past Saturday. Yuki and I ate delicious caprese salad for three nights in a row! Other produce purchased included fresh basil which we used to … Continue reading

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Lotek graffiti appearing in the Mission, SF

Someone has been tagging “Lotek” in the Mission recently. Gv: 18th between mission and valencia? AA: That’s the one! There’s also one on a mannequin on mission near 20th… on the neck! We don’t think that it is anyone we … Continue reading

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The Journey of Man

I just finished watching an absolutely fascinating program on PBS called The Journey of Man. It was a summary of the research of Spencer Wells and company whose Y-DNA genetic genealogy research has lead to a compelling “story” of human … Continue reading

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The first “real” post

I have finally joined the blogosphere! This is the first “real” post on this blog which I am considering live as of… (beat) …now! I’m writing this post as a sort of mission statement and I’m going to try to … Continue reading

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