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A New Year

I’m back in Saigon after a three week trip that I’d rather describe as a pilgrimage than as a vacation. It was pretty transformative. I am feeling really confident about 2015 — and I’m really excited to build dxSaigon‘s new … Continue reading

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Vastness, Not Holiness

One of the zen stories most often cited by my Zen Master was “Vastness, Not Holiness”. He would often speak of his experiences back country skiing as an activity that drives this story home. It was standing in the midst … Continue reading

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The Professional Designer

A Human Endeavor Design is about providing solutions to problems. When I talk to engineers they say: “that sounds just like engineering” and when I talk to marketers they say “that sounds just like marketing”. There is indeed a lot … Continue reading

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What’s The Point of Zen?

A lot of people have misconceptions about the point of Buddhism or Zen — including things like achieving happiness, good health, outstanding moral character, relaxation, serenity, or the ability to shoot laser beams from your eyes. These things may be side … Continue reading

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New School Fool

Whenever I go to a new yoga studio, or get a teacher who I haven’t had before, they invariably ask: “how long have you practiced yoga?” I hate answering that question because my answer is “10 years”. “Oh wow!” they say. After … Continue reading

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Concentration and Awareness in Buddhist Meditation

While trying to make a point about omnicentric value paradox on facebook I did a Wikipedia search on Tientai Buddhism and came across a term I had never seen before. Tiantai emphasizes Å›amatha and vipaÅ›yanā meditation. In fourteen years of … Continue reading

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Rinzai Zen in San Francisco

I’ve been attending this zendo ever since moving to SF in 2003. We need some new blood. If the idea of sitting in silence—without moving—for 45 minutes at a time is something you might be into, please come check us … Continue reading

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