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A New Year

I’m back in Saigon after a three week trip that I’d rather describe as a pilgrimage than as a vacation. It was pretty transformative. I am feeling really confident about 2015 — and I’m really excited to build dxSaigon‘s new … Continue reading

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Working in Binh Dien Wholesale Market

I was asked by a friend to host an episode of Living Vietnam in a Day, a show where they take a foreigner and have them experience a job that will probably be unusual for them. For me it meant … Continue reading

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On Place and Belonging

For most of my life I was very opinionated about place. For a while I was like “I have to live in SF, I could never live in LA.” Later I was like “I have to live in Saigon, I … Continue reading

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Goodbye San Francisco, Chao Saigon

I moved to San Francisco in 2003 to join the videogame industry. I’ve worked with a bunch of talented folks while here and the list of people whom I’m indebted to for sharing their knowledge and friendship with me is … Continue reading

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Six Cities, Five Countries, and Three Conferences in Two Weeks

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. First, Yuki and I flew to Vienna, Austria where we visited our friends Lev, Christoph, Claudia, and Babsi. While there we attended the Game City event and visited the swank … Continue reading

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Moving Media

Dancing is a series of videos on I found out about this on my friend Dan’s blog. These videos, which have gotten progressively better, are really amazing. If you have time I suggest watching them in this order: Dancing … Continue reading

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On my way to TGS 2007!

I’m leaving for Tokyo in eight hours, still have a bunch of packing to do. This will be my first time attending TGS, pretty exciting. I’m also planning on going to the Ghibli Museum, CoFesta; a contents festival, and Cedec; … Continue reading

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Our Abstract Society

I went camping for two weeks in Ethiopia with my family during this past Christmas holiday. There is a lot that I would like to write about Ethiopia that I will save for future posts that may not be written. … Continue reading

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The Journey of Man

I just finished watching an absolutely fascinating program on PBS called The Journey of Man. It was a summary of the research of Spencer Wells and company whose Y-DNA genetic genealogy research has lead to a compelling “story” of human … Continue reading

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