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3D Modeling and Animation on OS X

I have the hankering to prototype some game ideas in Unity. Rather than just use cubes I want to have the ability to create some proxy art that is a bit more representative. My historic 3D app of choice is … Continue reading

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Moving Media

Dancing is a series of videos on I found out about this on my friend Dan’s blog. These videos, which have gotten progressively better, are really amazing. If you have time I suggest watching them in this order: Dancing … Continue reading

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Lost Winds

I just finished playing Lost Winds, one of the first titles available on WiiWare, and I dare say maybe the best exclusive Wii title to date. This is the first game that has compelled me to write a review since … Continue reading

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Spiderwick Review Highlights

Here are some review highlights for The Spiderwick Chronicles which Shipped on February 5th, 2008. In general the reviews found the game surprisingly good! Continue reading

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I have been eagerly awaiting Okami, Clover’s new game that got a near perfect score from Famitsu, and was finally able to pick up a copy on the US release date earlier this week!   I had a few impressions … Continue reading

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