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Moving Media

Dancing is a series of videos on I found out about this on my friend Dan’s blog. These videos, which have gotten progressively better, are really amazing. If you have time I suggest watching them in this order: Dancing … Continue reading

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Lost Winds

I just finished playing Lost Winds, one of the first titles available on WiiWare, and I dare say maybe the best exclusive Wii title to date. This is the first game that has compelled me to write a review since … Continue reading

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Spiderwick Review Highlights

Here are some review highlights for The Spiderwick Chronicles which Shipped on February 5th, 2008. In general the reviews found the game surprisingly good! Continue reading

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On my way to TGS 2007!

I’m leaving for Tokyo in eight hours, still have a bunch of packing to do. This will be my first time attending TGS, pretty exciting. I’m also planning on going to the Ghibli Museum, CoFesta; a contents festival, and Cedec; … Continue reading

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Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

I finally got a chance to play Super Puzzle Fighter II HD Remix on Partner Net yesterday. Partner Net is where X Arcade Games are put to test before releasing them for real. I have to say that the visual … Continue reading

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Sirlin’s Playing to Win now available for free

My friend David Sirlin has released a free web version of his popular book. In it he discusses the virtues of “Playing to Win” in competitive games and the path of continual self improvement. I highly recommend it for anyone … Continue reading

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I have been eagerly awaiting Okami, Clover’s new game that got a near perfect score from Famitsu, and was finally able to pick up a copy on the US release date earlier this week!   I had a few impressions … Continue reading

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Capcom Classics Collection

This guy really seems to like the idea of Capcom Classics Collection which was produced by my team. The collection was reviewed fairly well and even touted as “the collection to beat.” I think that we beat it with the … Continue reading

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