Develop: Unity Focus

Over the past year I wrote a monthly column for Develop, a game industry rag out of the UK. The column was entitled Unity Focus and it took a different format each month, depending on what I though was interesting at the time. I present the collection here in PDF format for your viewing pleasure:

Develop 099 Unity Focus — Inside the Unity Web Player

Develop 100 Unity Focus — Unity Free-For-All

Develop 101 Unity Focus — 2009: The Year of Unity

Develop 102 Unity Focus — Finding Success on the iPhone

Develop 103 Unity Focus — Author Once, Deploy Anywhere

Develop 104 Unity Focus — A Preview of Unity 3

Develop 105 Unity Focus — Getting There First: Unity’s Zero-Day iPad Support

Develop 106 Unity Focus — Unity Content Helps Launch SteamPlay

Develop 107 Unity Focus — Making the Switch to the Web

Develop 108 Unity Focus — Unity 3: What are Its Developers Most Proud Of?

Develop 109 Unity Focus — Using Unity to Create Premium Social Games

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