Goodbye San Francisco, Chao Saigon

I moved to San Francisco in 2003 to join the videogame industry. I’ve worked with a bunch of talented folks while here and the list of people whom I’m indebted to for sharing their knowledge and friendship with me is extensive.

But it is time to move on, on to Vietnam! If all goes well we’ll be out of our place in less than a month.

There’s a lot that needs to be done to make an international move like this — mainly get rid of most of our worldly possessions. I imagine that there will be some lessons learned or some helpful tips that I discover along the way and if there are I’ll try to share them here.

Likewise, if you have good ideas of where to sell things, please let me know in the comments below!

Here’s my plan of action so far:

  1. Paperwork/logistics
    1. Take care of 2010 taxes
    2. Procure necessary travel documents (Vietnamese travel visa, statement of a lack of a criminal record needed for work permit, researching precautions or forms necessary for Yuki to maintain her green card)
    3. Book airplane tickets
    4. Find a shipping company
  2. Books
    1. Pick out special books to ship to Vietnam or to my parent’s place in Ohio
    2. Send great condition hardcover books to Amazon fulfillment (books that sell for under $3 are not worth it due to fixed costs)
    3. Attempt to sell all other books to local book store
    4. Attempt to give all remaining books to the library
    5. Leave remaining books on the street corner
  3. CDs / DVDs / Vinyl
    1. Sell at Amoeba Records?
  4. Electronics
    1. Ebay and Craigslist
  5. Game Consoles and Games
    1. Sell handfull of non-reference quality games to Gamestop?
    2. Ship consoles and remaining games to Vietnam
  6. Cloths
    1. Bring most of them to Goodwill
  7. Sentimental Items (Mostly small sculptures received as gifts or purchased during travels)
    1. ???
  8. Kitchen Items (Pots and other great items mostly received as wedding gifts)
    1. ???
  9. Road Bicycle
    1. ???
  10. Going Away Party
    1. Can’t even begin to think of how to do this right now
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2 Responses to Goodbye San Francisco, Chao Saigon

  1. Hi Thomas,

    Re: 8. I think you should ship your pots and pans and kitchen items. They are expensive! But you probably wouldn’t get much for them by selling them. Is the company paying for any relocation shipping? Re: 7. If you are already shipping things, and there are some of your sentimental items you wish to keep with you, pack them in with whatever you ship. Re: 9. I don’t know what bicycles cost in Vietnam, but I would guess they are pretty easy to come by there…and yours is really old isn’t it? Sell on Craigslist perhaps? Re: 10. Ask a friend to organize a Going Away party for you! Maybe do it at a bar (a quiet, quaint one where you can actually talk and visit) so that nobody has a mess to clean up.

    So glad Mom can get there to help you guys!! I’m so excited for your adventure! SUPER COOL. You’ll get everything done! Don’t worry!

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