The first “real” post

I have finally joined the blogosphere! This is the first “real” post on this blog which I am considering live as of… (beat) …now!

I’m writing this post as a sort of mission statement and I’m going to try to give a brief outline of how I foresee the site developing from here.

For now the blog is held within my site’s 1999 technology, but ideally my site will eventually be held within web 2.0 technology; I have no timeline for this. Additionally it is my intention to have posts that are “serious” articles as well as casual posts. Some of the topics or sections that I am hoping to populate are:

  • Design – Game Design, General Design Principles
  • SF Mocha – reviews of cafés and, in particular, mochas in the SF Bay Area
  • Philosophy – Zen, Integral, Technology, Consciousness
  • Worth Watching – reviews or lists of media that is worth taking the time to watch (or hear or read or play… or should they be their own sections?)
  • Miscellaneous

To begin I will just be using the wordpress categories and metadata to differentiate the content, but once enough content is amassed I would like to have archive pages for each of these categories and a way of differentiating a random thought from a serious article.

I would also like to invite you to chime in and leave comments or engage in debate with me and the other readers, even on old posts, even on this one.

One last note to clear any potential confusion:
There are posts on here that are older than this post. I have been taking some posts that I made on a social networking site as well as some writings and that I had laying around and entering them as blog posts with appropriate or approximate dates.

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