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Long Time, No Update

It’s hard to believe that the last time I updated this personal blog was 3 years and 5 months ago! A lot has happened in that time. The biggest thing was running a successful Kickstarter for my fashion brand Sefu. … Continue reading

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UX without UI

I gave a presentation at the local UX Meetup about creating user experiences in action videogames.

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MDTDS 14 Minute Presentation

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Keeping Your Connections Alive

Today I feel fantastic. I used to be quite the socialite and quite the networker however, with the demands of work increasing and with the extra demands in my personal life due to being a father, I found myself meeting … Continue reading

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Writing Style Peeve: “(no pun intended)”

Dear writers who call attention to their intentional or unintentional puns; please stop. When you end a statement with “(no pun intended)” you are either being lazy or dishonest. If your pun was truly unintentional, instead of saying “(no pun intended)”, please … Continue reading

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Seeing Your MacBook Pro Die

Garbled video,  “You need to restart your computer”, what does this mean? I tried many searches but no appropriate result could be seen. Good thing I had backed up almost all my data; To a recently purchased external SATA.  After a … Continue reading

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Six Cities, Five Countries, and Three Conferences in Two Weeks

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. First, Yuki and I flew to Vienna, Austria where we visited our friends Lev, Christoph, Claudia, and Babsi. While there we attended the Game City event and visited the swank … Continue reading

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Strolling by Public Art

Yuki and I went for a walk around San Francisco last weekend and came upon a bunch of public art, most of which was done by Shepard Fairey, famous for the André the Giant “Obey” art. I really like the … Continue reading

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A day of releases

Yesterday was pretty eventful. First of all, the Game Career Guide was released, you can get it here for free as a web viewable magazine, or as a downloadable PDF. It includes a top ten list for aspiring producers, written … Continue reading

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The Question

What is The Question? You have probably asked it many times before. It takes different forms such as: What is the purpose of life, What is “it” all about, Who am I, or any other existential question. Many people have … Continue reading

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