Capcom Classics Collection

This guy really seems to like the idea of Capcom Classics Collection which was produced by my team.

The collection was reviewed fairly well and even touted as “the collection to beat.”

I think that we beat it with the follow up Capcom Classics Collection Remixed for the PSP which trumped the first collection’s arcade perfect emulation, super button configuration, and bonus content by setting the standard for wireless ad-hoc networking on the PSP, adding viral high scores, a hidden game sharing capability, and a tremendous amount of screen/control configuration; including the ability to turn the PSP on it’s side for vertical games. The old school games look gorgeous on the PSP’s tight LCD, and the collection also reviewed quite well, even withouth Street Fighter II. I think that we’ve done great in the ratings department on these projects.

Since releasing CCC Remixed, our team has been working on two more collections that will be out by the holidays. Both have raised the bar on our previous collections, though in different ways, and both sport a great line-up of games. I’ll post more when the PR machine says that I can.

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