Lotek graffiti appearing in the Mission, SF

Lotek Mission

Someone has been tagging “Lotek” in the Mission recently.

Gv: 18th between mission and valencia?
AA: That’s the one! There’s also one on a mannequin on mission near 20th… on the neck!

We don’t think that it is anyone we know, just a coincidence.

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5 Responses to Lotek graffiti appearing in the Mission, SF

  1. george says:

    That is just some toy kid catchin a tag. weak hand style proves that. its not graffiti its a tag, scribble.

  2. deez says:

    lotek gets up in the city, He has hella cutty tags everywhere. He’s not sick but he rocks what he does. Bumps to anyone who gets up in their city…check jaydubelyoo on flickr. lotek shit.

  3. lion says:

    George: I was under the impression that graffiti refers to any street writing: tags, throw ups, pieces, and maybe even stencils and stickers.

    Deez: thanks for that flickr heads up. Searching for jaydubelyoo also lead me to Double OG’s photos which are quite nice.

  4. w3rd says:

    there is another crew in SF that throws parties with a gabber/dnb/hardcore theme to them. they have been throwing outlaws for like 15 years or something

  5. jojo says:

    haha you guys are idiots

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