Seeing Your MacBook Pro Die


Garbled video,  “You need to restart your computer”, what does this mean?
I tried many searches but no appropriate result could be seen.

Good thing I had backed up almost all my data;
To a recently purchased external SATA. 

After a day of rebooting, it finally logs in; 
RSync the documents folder, for the win!

Now off to the Genius Bar for diagnostics and repair;
Though, my warranty expired, I had some despair. 

After some tests, a known problem, the same; 
Twas Nvidia and not Apple who was to blame!

So, no Mac during Christmas–which is a bit dreary;
But at least the repairs will be complimentary!

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5 Responses to Seeing Your MacBook Pro Die

  1. Eric says:

    Ouch, that sucks! Was it the bad bumps?

  2. lion says:

    I think so, that or lovely lady lumps.

  3. BigLion says:

    Clever poem about the Mac… takes some of the pain out of the experience, I’m sure.

    Enjoyed reading your reports on the trip, and the articles submitted. Well written, and demonstrating good productivity!

  4. lioness says:

    What’s Nvidia?

  5. lion says:

    Nvidia is a company that designs and manufactures logic boards and graphics chipsets.

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