A day of releases

Yesterday was pretty eventful. First of all, the Game Career Guide was released, you can get it here for free as a web viewable magazine, or as a downloadable PDF. It includes a top ten list for aspiring producers, written by my good pal Michael Boccieri (page 58). It also includes a quiz written by me (page 103), with a few questions by my friend Brandon Sheffield. Some of my more sarcastic questions which didn’t make the cut are viewable in this post’s comments.

Next up, Kongai, Kongregate’s Online Collectible Card Game was finally released. My friend Sirlin lead the design on this project and has really done a great job with it! Early in the project I helped Sirlin with some of the usability and mechanics design. I got my first chance to play it today and was really happy to see that many of my contributions made it into the final game.

And Finally, my friends Charlie and Max at Unknown Worlds announced that they are rolling their own engine for their forthcoming game Natural Selection 2.

No wait! This just in, my friends Dan and Zach at The Retronyms released their first iPhone app. Yestesterday was truely a day of releases! The app is called, simply, Recorder. You can see a video of it in action by following that link, or a funier one here. Both videos were made in another Retronym application called InOneTake.

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