Collection of Haiku, 2003

Coffee and Zazen
An excellent laxative
Consciously pooping

09-08-2003 – my friend Ed
Everywhere I go
Ed Luna’s name preceeds him
Music man, dancer.

08-25-2003 – my friend Tomo
World domination
Robot spiders spinning webs
Where does your mind start?

08-20-2003 – my sisterin-law Ayumi
A smile and care
My new sister gives to all
A flower blooming.

08-16-2003- my friend Bocci
Making Media
Is the game that Bocci plays
Water falling down.

08-09-2003 – my friend Gill
Gill is on a beach
This sight makes me feel happy.
Don’t cross this Lotek!

08-03-2003 – my friend Disco
He drives a fast car
He knows about computers
I call him disco.

08-03-2003 – my friend Sassafras
I like to hang out
With this friend who knows a lot
About cars and stuff.

07-31-2003 – my friend Monad
Monad writes music
He is also programming
Audio software.

07-30-2003 – my friend Colin
In a kung fu fight
Who would be victorious?
Fun for all who watch.

07-30-2003 – my friend Dehuman
Dehuman travels
Between the fifth dimension
And “reality”

07-05-2003 – my wife Yuki
Yuki is my love
She is like the summer sky
Filling me with joy.

07-05-2003 – my friend Janet
Piano or other
She is a great performer
Where will she be next?

06-24-2003 – my friend Jeff
Jeff has a sweet ass
No really, it is da bomb
Touch it if you can.

06-13-2003 – my friend Eric
A man who sees through
Altered eyes and perception
Where does his mind rest?

06-13-2003 – my friend Justin
My good friend Justin
He climbs rocks for a living
Now his arms are huge

06-13-2003 – my friend AShinn
One man sits in front
Of his computer making
Design for the world.

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