The responsibilities of a game designer


  1. Many people spend a large amount of their leisure time playing video games.
  2. Games, due to their immersive nature, can potentially be a more powerful form of media than film, literature, or television. By powerful I mean the capacity to effect the user on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or social level.
  3. Many games are unoriginal, uninspired, and irresponsible. Like Hollywood, game publishers are interested in producing block busters.


  1. We should strive to make games that are not a waste of time.
  2. Games should aim to have a powerful and positive impact on the user.
  3. The user should be inspired to make a positive contribution to the real world.
  4. The art of storytelling must be advanced in story based games. We must find new ways to impart the inherent truths about existence that we as human beings search for.
  5. We should not force games to have stories.
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