The Spiderwick Chronicals Announced!


The game that I have been working on at Stormfront Studios has finally been announced! From here on out, the project that I have referred to as Ogre shale be known as The Spiderwick Chronicles.

The project is being published by Sierra and is slated to be released February 2008. Check out the press releases on Kotaku and Gamasutra. It is also being developed as a film by Paramount; my friend Hans is working as a creature animator on this project at Tippett. Here is the trailer:

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Or you can go here for a Quicktime version.

Serialization FTW!

The Spiderwick Chronicles film and game are both based on a series of serialized children’s booklets of the same title, much in the same vein as the Lemony Snicket booklets. Out of curiosity, I did an estimate on the total word count of all five Spiderwick books; somewhat to my expectation I discovered that it was approximately the same length as Roald Dahl’s classic The BFG. However, each of the Spiderwick books retails for a price greater than that of The BFG! Now, they are hardcovers, so lets say that they’re actual profit margin per book is the same as that of a paperback The BFG… they make five times the profit per word! I think this is a lesson that any creative type should pay attention do if they are interested in monetizing their IP—serialization for the win!

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