Toshio Iwai @ Tenori-On SF Launch Event

Toshio Iwai, a well known media artist and creator of Nintendo DS non-game title Electro Plankton, was in San Francisco a few weeks ago to demo his latest co-creation, the Tenori-On. His presentation not only included a breakdown of the Tenori-On’s development process, but also video from an SNES project that never got released (too ahead of its time?) and his various installation work.

Yuki and I had the chance to talk to him after his presentation, apparently he coded the demo for Electro Plankton himself in C++ because he “had been using it over the years for [his] installation work” and he felt that the concept would be misinterpreted if only presented in a document. Neat! His presentation was totally inspiring, filling me with so many ideas! I only wish that the beautiful magnesium, robot hand polished, 256 LED sporting sequencer was being released for less than $1,200.

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