Studio Interrupt Rebirth

The minimal website for Studio Interrupt, my new venture, went up earlier this week. Studio Interrupt shares the name of a previous entity through which I used to collaborated with friends during university; a name I continued to use as a documentary film maker before entering into the video game industry. Now, with much more experience under my belt, but the same collaborative spirit, I am devoting my full-time efforts to getting Studio Interrupt and our various productions off the ground. So far it has been an, at times intimidating, bag of fun, stress, limitless possibilities, learning, and a test of self-discipline. I’ve been getting tons of advice from entrepreneurial friends (thank you!), and a lot of buy in to our model and ideas from other developers.

Our focus is co-producing game projects, but we are very interested in collaborating with specialists from other fields as well. I can’t say too much more for now but I’ll definitely continue to update the world through this blog and the one on!

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