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What Games Do Game Developers Look Up To?

Stormfront Studios sent out an email to their employees this week asking what games they “respect for their fun, creativity, innovation, and quality”. There will be a vote to determine the top four names which will be used to name … Continue reading

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Unite 2007 Event Coverage

I have been keeping my eye on an interesting game engine named Unity. The first Unity users conference, entitled Unite 2007, was held in San Francisco last week; I was asked by Gamasutra to cover the event! This was my … Continue reading

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Panzer Tactics Interview

My friend Brandon Sheffield interviewed my friend Christoph Quas about the DS tactics game he designed entitled Panzer Tactics. When I spoke to Christoph about his game at GDC 2007, he told me that there were 150 units with something … Continue reading

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On my way to TGS 2007!

I’m leaving for Tokyo in eight hours, still have a bunch of packing to do. This will be my first time attending TGS, pretty exciting. I’m also planning on going to the Ghibli Museum, CoFesta; a contents festival, and Cedec; … Continue reading

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The Spiderwick Chronicals Announced!

The game that I have been working on at Stormfront Studios has finally been announced! From here on out, the project that I have referred to as Ogre shale be known as The Spiderwick Chronicles. The project is being published … Continue reading

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Buy Local

Bay Area heirloom tomatoes purchased at the ferry building farmers market in San Francisco this past Saturday. Yuki and I ate delicious caprese salad for three nights in a row! Other produce purchased included fresh basil which we used to … Continue reading

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Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

I finally got a chance to play Super Puzzle Fighter II HD Remix on Partner Net yesterday. Partner Net is where X Arcade Games are put to test before releasing them for real. I have to say that the visual … Continue reading

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Sirlin’s Playing to Win now available for free

My friend David Sirlin has released a free web version of his popular book. In it he discusses the virtues of “Playing to Win” in competitive games and the path of continual self improvement. I highly recommend it for anyone … Continue reading

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Game Marketer Points Finger at Developers

In the following two part essay on N’Gai Croal’s Level Up, Midway Home Entertainment Chief Marketing Officer Steve Allison suggests What Developers Must Do to Make Games That Sell PT 1: PT 2: He says that a successful … Continue reading

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The most important session at GDC 2007

The following was my favorite session at GDC 2007. In this presentation, entitled “Cutting the Apron Strings: Developer Liberation and Free Agency”, free lance game designer Michael John (Spiro The Dragon, Daxter, God of War PSP) delivers a heart felt … Continue reading

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