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Moving Media

Dancing is a series of videos on I found out about this on my friend Dan’s blog. These videos, which have gotten progressively better, are really amazing. If you have time I suggest watching them in this order: Dancing … Continue reading

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The End and Beginning of an Era

This past Saturday was perhaps the last time that there would be training at my Zen Master’s house. He’s fixin’ to sell the place and immigrate to France. While I was serving tea, he corrected my form, and I was … Continue reading

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Lost Winds

I just finished playing Lost Winds, one of the first titles available on WiiWare, and I dare say maybe the best exclusive Wii title to date. This is the first game that has compelled me to write a review since … Continue reading

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Studio Interrupt Rebirth

The minimal website for Studio Interrupt, my new venture, went up earlier this week. Studio Interrupt shares the name of a previous entity through which I used to collaborated with friends during university; a name I continued to use as … Continue reading

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Toshio Iwai @ Tenori-On SF Launch Event

Toshio Iwai, a well known media artist and creator of Nintendo DS non-game title Electro Plankton, was in San Francisco a few weeks ago to demo his latest co-creation, the Tenori-On. His presentation not only included a breakdown of the … Continue reading

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A Stroke of Enlightenment

Neuroanatomist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor gives a passionate first hand account of a stroke that affected the left hemisphere of her brain—and the resulting subjective experience—in this recent TED talk: This could be, and apparently has been, the spring … Continue reading

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ANSI Art Gallery Opening in SF

I attended the opening of fellow ACiD member Lord Jazz’s exhibit in San Francisco Saturday night. The small venue was absolutely packed. The ANSI is being displayed on light boxes and LCD’s. You can see the process of creating the … Continue reading

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My optic nerve!

I had an eye exam last week and opted to have ultra-widefield retinal photos of my eyes taken instead of dilating them. I asked them to email the images to me and they did! I also had wavefront images taken; … Continue reading

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A critique of Ian Bogost’s interpretation of Zen

Ian Bogost wrote an article for Gamasutra about “Zen Games”. I disagree with his interpretation of Zen—and thus the article’s thesis—so I wrote the following letter to the editor. The stuff in quotes is in reference to Ian’s article, so … Continue reading

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Rinzai Zen in San Francisco

I’ve been attending this zendo ever since moving to SF in 2003. We need some new blood. If the idea of sitting in silence—without moving—for 45 minutes at a time is something you might be into, please come check us … Continue reading

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